Jeremy Shaw
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Chocolate Raspberry Tartlet - Katherine Sabbath + Movenpick

Australian dessert connoisseur Katherine Sabbath teamed up with Swiss ice cream brand Mövenpick to launch their new Sydney store. She created a decadent chocolate shortbread tartlet which is filled with a scoop of ice cream, topped with dark chocolate and raspberry chocolate fragments, and then drizzled with a raspberry coulis.

Director - Jeremy Shaw

Tennis Court - Flume Remix - Live Visuals

Flumes latest remix was launched to a hyper crowd at this years Coachella music festival, featuring the beautiful Yaya Deng who spent a few hours getting covered in gold make up.

Toby & Pete have been working with Flume on his Infinity Prism Tour since 2013, having already created close to 2 hours of visuals to accompany him on stage.

Directors - Toby & Pete
DOP/Photography - Jeremy Shaw
Make up - Margo Regan


Save Retirement- MLC

LET'S SAVE RETIREMENT focused on an interactive exhibition at the Australian Museum for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and MLC. The project encouraged Australians to actively revisit their superannuation savings and thus their ability to retire when they so desired.

The Glue Society designed, constructed, and produced a custom built museum diorama inclusive of real-life retirees that performed well-known retirement activities on command.The installation was live at the Australian Museum for 4 days and we also live streamed the activity on MLC's website.

Directors - The Glue Society
DOP  - Jeremy Shaw


ReFill Recycler - Vivid 2014

This interactive installation was created for Sydney’s Vivid Festival 2014, designed to encourage people to dispose of their recyclables in our specially constructed bin. Upon placing the items on a trapdoor, the said item would be photographed then dropped into the depths of the recycler. The image would then be processed, the item isolated and projected onto a nearby wall where it would fall onto a giant mound consisting of all the previously captured items. This would illustrate how much rubbish successfully dodged landfill.

Designers - Toby & Pete, Lukasz Karluk, Nicholas Clark, Tim Sugden & Milosz Karluk
DOP - Jeremy Shaw


Rüfüs - LaserWall

In 2015 Rufus embarked on their sold out “You Were Right” national tour, along with them was a shiny new installation that Toby & Pete designed. This installation aptly named the “LaserWall”. This was simply 2x 7.4w lasers, 20m of scaffolding and 75kg of mirror panels. Together this created a beautifully graphic and vivid backdrop for the band. After weeks of bespoke laser programming, T&P teamed up with long time collaborators ColourBlind, who built the LaserWall into the lighting rig of the show.

Directors/Designers - Toby & Pete
DOP/Photography - Jeremy Shaw


GAYTM's was a collaboration with Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne and ANZ, to mark ANZ becoming the principal partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Redesigning 10 ATMs in Sydney’s CBD into handcrafted artworks bejewelled with colourful rhinestones and textures.

Each unique GAYTM was inspired by gay and lesbian iconography to celebrate the festival and show ANZ’s support of diversity. The Glue Society designed, directed, and produced the project which included manufacturing elaborate and hardwearing moulded shells that were installed onto the existing ATMs for 2 weeks during the 2014 Mardi Gras Festival.

Over a million rhinestones went into the GAYTMs took the production team over 2000 man hours to construct. The project won the Cannes Lion Outdoor Grand Prix amongst other awards.

Directors - The Glue Society
DOP  - Jeremy Shaw


Eno Hyde - HoloDecks

Brian Eno’s and Karl Hyde’s new vinyl release, Someday World is transformed by HoloDecks, an augmented reality app that gives users an interactive experience for the iPhone and iPad.

‘Strip it down’ is the track from the Eno Hyde album the users listen to and watch colourful, geometric worlds springs to life on top of the record. The visuals are inspired by ‘outsider architecture’, a concept of impossible architectural forms which defy the laws of our known universe.

Four worlds were created for the experience, each one with its individual backstory and constructed using a number of rules specific to the architecture of that world.

Directors - Lukasz Karluk & Jeremy Shaw
DOP/Photography - Jeremy Shaw


Demonstrations in Lightness - Rollie

Rollie are a super-lightweight shoe brand, with each pair on average weighing a featherlight 320g. To get the fashion world talking about this, VCCP created Demonstrations in Lightness on a balance beam.

Featuring colour, wonder and fun, Rollies were pitted against random everyday objects and a see-saw in a humorous yet visually arresting fashion.

Director - Danny Eastwood
DOP  - Jeremy Shaw
Stylist - 
Natasha Harrison


Coca-Cola - Happiness in Your Hands

This feel good campaign was indeed a labour of love. Working for Toby & Pete as the DOP & photographer for this campaign, we handcrafted the 40 individual dioramas over two days of prop building & another two days of shooting.

The job was the perfect excuse for Pete to use his 3D printer & Rebecca Riegger our stylist to create all the little moments.

Directors - Toby & Pete
DOP/Photography - Jeremy Shaw

Stylist - Rebecca Riegger
Make up - Margo Regan